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What customer are saying about TIC

How TIC Software Helps Customers Succeed


"TIC User Profile "

Product: TeleMail
Application: Financial

"Cass Information System Interview with Tom Schaper "

Product: TeleMail, SOAP
Customer Industry: Expense Management
Application: Financial

"Lehigh Valley Health Network turns to TIC Software for Secure Reporting Distribution"
Product: Server Object Gateway
Customer Industry: Health Network


"Vancouver Coastal Health uses TIC Solution to automate GE Centricity Configuration"

Product: AutoConfig
Customer Industry: Health Services


"US Food Service Implements TIC Solution to help Optimize Operations" 

Product: XML Thunder
Customer Industry: Wholesale Food
Application: Food Distributor

"Lastword/Centricity Enterprise Application Enhanced through TIC Add-on Solutions" 
Product: TeleMail, Telefax , TelePath , TeleFTP
Customer Industry:Health Network


"Washington Federal and TIC Partner on Integrated Data Solutions"

Product: TeleFax, SOAP/AM
Customer Industry: Banking
Application: Financial

"Gallagher Bassett Minimizes Risk with TIC IT Solution."

Product: TeleMail, Report Web, TeleFTP, SOG
Customer Industry: Insurance
Application: Financial

"Papé Uses TIC Tools and Solutions for NonStop Applications."

Product: TeleWeb   TeleMail  Report.Web  TelePath  Cypress
Customer Industry: Equipment Distribution
Application: HR, Inventory, Financial.


"TIC/Biscom help Intermountain Health Care Integrate Fax with
Mainframe System".

Product: TeleFax, TeleMail
Customer Industry: Health Care
Application: GE

"TIC Works In Tandem with St. Vincent’s IT." 

Product: Report Web, TeleFax Down Time Report
Customer Industry: Health Care
Application: GE
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