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What is BDS?

BDS’s secure file transfer software enables secure delivery and data exchange through its Web-based platform. Industries across the board disseminate files and documents from within their enterprise to the outside world, and likewise receive files and documents into their enterprise. Many industries have strict regulatory compliance requirements that current email and FTP solutions may not adequately address. BDS's management, reporting, and auditing capabilities can help organizations achieve the levels of security and confidence they need as part of larger efforts for a more secure communications infrastructure.

Key Features
  • Secure File Transfer solution requires no client software, provide automatic password protected user registration to “enroll” first time recipients easily, and enable secure remote access via any Web browser.  
  • Guaranteed Delivery with Automation Options. Senders need to know that their files arrived and also when they were accessed; senders of large, frequent file batches need to automate the delivery process to save time and money. 
  • Secure Web-based Communication- encryption of the transport layer, password protection to ensure recipient privacy, and, if needed, payload (data) encryption.

Benefits of using BDS:

  • Share any file size securely with no unauthorized access
  • Guaranteed and automated delivery
  • Greater reliability than e-mail, easier than FTP more secure and auditable than both
  • Manage and track all electronic communications


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