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Who We Are

TIC Software is a leading technology product development and consulting services company.

TIC draws from a rich NonStop heritage, while focusing simultaneously on modern creative solutions for our clients.








Committed to always putting the client first, TIC acts as a trusted advisor in providing best of class products - secured through privileged partnerships and/or developed in house - as well as curated support, training, and strategic planning.


TIC believes in NonStop’s future-facing potential and distinguishes itself by bringing a dynamic sense of innovation into each and every business approach. 

Through training, custom consulting and product solutions, the TIC Modernization Team continues to set the standard for future proofing NonStop.

What's New


uLinga for Kafka


Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed events streaming platform used by many corporations for data integration, streaming analytics, log analysis and other mission critical applications in a high performance and fault-tolerant environment.


Now, with uLinga for Kafka from Infrasoft, a NonStop application can publish NonStop events and data to Kafka clusters to be picked up by any consuming subscribers on any platforms.

uLinga for Kafka is a NonStop based solution and requires no additional software or hardware components.



Integrating NonStop Data

These products are designed to integrate NonStop data with other platforms through  format conversion and data delivery.

Apps working with each other

Gateway Products enable NonStop legacy applications to interoperate with other platforms and technologies such as Windows, .NET and Web services.

Business Team

These products are designed to transform NonStop report information into multi dimensional views to facilitate data analysis for decision support.

A lightbulb is on

TIC provides modernization solutions, ranging from replacing Green Screen interface with GUI, to completely transforming COBOL and SCOBOL code into.NET and Java applications.



Training Group

We provide Just In Time training customized to your needs.

IT Consulting

The TIC Consulting team can help you take on any technical challenges.

Cloud hovering over a hand

Let us show you the benefits of integrating Cloud Computing with NonStop.


TIC Software always provides the right solution for us. It takes time to understand our needs and priorities, and then recommends what would work best. We can always depend on TIC for coming through for us.

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