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About Us

Who Are We?

TIC Software is a leading technology product development and consulting services company. TIC draws from a rich NonStop heritage, while focusing simultaneously on future proofing solutions for our customers.
Committed to always putting the customer first, TIC acts as a trusted advisor in providing best of class products - secured through privileged partnerships and/or developed in house - as well as curated support, training, and strategic planning.
TIC continues to believe that community and education are the building blocks of the NonStop community and distinguishes itself by incorporating these tenets into each and every business approach.


Our Core Values

Quality: we earn our role as a trusted advisor through our dedication to delivering bespoke and best-in-class solutions.
Customer Service: we only recommend solutions when they meet or exceed customers’ needs – we believe that we only succeed when our clients succeed. (TIC and its customers are on the same team)
Innovation: we are committed to a forward-leaning approach to product development and strategic planning – our goal is to future proof NonStop for our customers and the larger community.

TIC & Partners – NonStop Modernization

TIC Software along with our Technology Partners work closely together to offer software and services designed for legacy application modernization. Our comprehensive family of solutions is designed to address the challenges of keeping NonStop and other legacy systems current with ever-evolving “modernization” technology.

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TIC Customers – Using Our Modernization Solutions

We’ve helped hundreds of IT groups at dozens of firms address the challenges, and create and implement the solutions for, their legacy application modernization requirements. But you don’t have to take our word for it – our work speaks for itself – and we’re fortunate to have clients willing to speak for and about us!

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