JSON Thunder

JSON Thunder enables COBOL, C and TAL programs to:

·       Interface with other applications and third-party packages via JSON API’s.

·       Convert data from formats such as Enscribe and SQL to JSON before porting to platforms such as Azure and AWS.

·       Convert JSON received from other applications and platforms to formats such as Enscribe and SQL.

·       Validate JSON messages to ensure only well-formed and valid messages are processed...


SOAPam™ by NuWave Technologies, Inc. is a state-of-the-art software product that allows any company using HP's NonStop (Guardian) technology to quickly and easily integrate legacy Pathway application servers with Internet applications.

  • FileSync software automatically monitors, replicates and synchronizes application environments, database and non-audited files across HPE NonStop servers. Use FileSync for system migrations, upgrades, and backups. FileSync Hashing streams only data that has changed within a file or database. It significantly improves file synchronization performance and bandwidth requirements.

  • FS Compare and Repair identifies, reports, and resolves rows, records, columns and field discrepancies in Enscribe files, OSS files, and SQL tables for both live and offline databases. Block Hash Compare technology is what makes it the most rapid compare/repair product for use in the HPE NonStop environment.  A 1 terabyte multi-partitioned file, for instance, takes just 10 minutes to compare.

  • Backup times that formerly may take hours can be reduced to minutes with FS Backup and Restore. Rather than archive whole files to disk, tape or virtual tape, FS Backup detects file data-block modifications and archives only the changes. FS Restore then retrieves the saved file data-block modifications and will apply the changes to rebuild the original file.

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As we learn more about COVID-19, all of us here at TIC Software are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, partners and friends.


This unprecedented situation is changing daily, so we remain watchful, but at the same time focused on providing the customer service TIC Software is known for.

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TIC Partner News


Who Needs Software Testing?

As we embark on this new year, many companies are, appropriately, assessing their quality assurance strategies. From cyber security, to compliance, to business continuity, organizations are aiming to mitigate risk and increase productivity.


Shadowbase Data and Application Integration

HPE Shadowbase Application Integration solutions enable different applications to interoperate in real-time, enabling event-driven architectures for real-time business intelligence, real-time fraud detection, and more.


Cypress is a modular, integrated document assembly and delivery system that significantly enhances the management, accessibility, analysis, and distribution of content throughout an enterprise.

  • SOAPam® Server allows you to expose your existing standalone processes and Pathway TS/MP serverclasses as industry‐standard Web services.

  • SOAPam® Client allows NonStop applications to access, or “consume,” Web services on any platform anywhere in the world.

Attunity Connect

Attunity Connect provides out-of-the-box, real-time, standard, and seamless connectivity to a wide range of relational and non-relational data sources on platforms ranging from Windows to Mainframes.


BluAge a multiplatform legacy application modernization development tool based on the "Model = Application"* principle with the goal of supplying unmatched productivity and agility gains.


JPath provides a modern graphical user interface for SCOBOL programs by dynamically converting green screens on the fly to GUI panels with no changes made to the host application.


NonStop Database Partner

  • TIC Software partners with Gravic, Inc. to provide users reliable, scalable, and flexible data replication software solutions for their HPE NonStop and Other Server databases. TIC offers both Shadowbase deployment services, as well as a variety of adapters for integrating a Shadowbase source environment into various target environments, including Amazon S3.  Contact TIC for more information.

  • Mission-critical enterprise users rely on Gravic’s HPE Shadowbase product suite to distribute their critical data and information in real-time to target databases and applications. HPE Shadowbase software includes solutions for business continuity (from active/passive to sizzling-hot-takeover to fully active/active architectures), data integration for real-time data synchronization (e.g., for feeding change data into a data warehouse), application integration for real-time business intelligence (e.g., for real-time fraud detection), and a number of utilities and tools. HPE Shadowbase deployments solve a diverse set of business problems and provide continued value to our clients across a wide range of projects.


Legacy Modernization Tools for NonStop and the Enterprise

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  • TIC Software partners with ASG to bring a suite of software modernization tools to NonStop users. These tools can web-enable reports (Report.Web), and integrates free form data with a versatile content management system (Cypress).

  • ASG provides Global 5000 businesses with world-class professional services and software solutions for the Management of Metadata, Applications, Operations, Content, Performance, Securit and Infrastructure.  http://www.asg.com


Distribution Partner in Europe

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  • BrightStrand International Limited is a distribution partner that provides sales and software support of TIC Software's TeleFax and TeleMail products in Europe.

  • BrightStrand  was founded in 1999 by former Tandem employees. BrightStrand focuses completely on fault-tolerant servers, supplying Stratus Technologies and HP NonStop platforms,with software modernization tools and services. http://www.brightstrand.com


Enterprise Fax Solution

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  • TIC Software partnered with Biscom in 1988 to deliver the first fax solution for the NonStop platform.

  • Biscom’s FAXCOM Fax Servers provide enterprise-wide solutions that are reliable, scalable, and flexible. TIC Software’s TeleFax solution is built on FAXCOM server technology, and enables any NonStop applications to send reports to remote fax machines automatically. TeleFax also integrates with the GE Centricity and LogicaCMG BESS applications.

  • Since 1986, Biscom has been widely recognized for its pioneering advances in the enterprise fax management and secure document delivery technologies. Biscom provides complete software and turnkey fax server solutions to some of the world's leading companies. http://www.biscom.com


BESS Integration Partner

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  • TIC Software's TeleFax and TeleMail software products are integrated with LogicaCMG's Bank Electronic Support System (BESS) payments processing solution. As a leading payments processing solution on the NonStop platform, BESS is used by major U.S. and international banking institutions.


Enterprise Data Integration and Connectivity

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  • As we help NonStop Users modernize their legacy application modernization projects, one of the key areas is providing access to NonStop data (Enscribe and NS SQL) from other platforms, as well as enabling NonStop applications to interoperate with other databases such as Microsoft and Oracle. Our partner Attunity addresses all these and other requirements with their Attunity Integration Suite.

  • Attunity Integration Suite (AIS) is available on platforms including Windows, UNIX, NonStop Server and variety of other mainframes. It supports the widest array of enterprise data sources and applications. It is installed in many of the leading organizations around the world, and has been selected as the technology of choice by software industry leaders, including Oracle and Microsoft, who embed the technology within their own offerings

  • Attunity is a leading provider of real-time event capture and data integration software. The Attunity Integration Suite (AIS) seamlessly connects, transfers, and joins data to and from virtually any data source enterprise-wide in real time http://www.attunity.com

The Evolution of Online Learning, and How it Could Evolve Corporate Culture

August 23, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

Do you remember sitting through training videos or CD-ROM courses at work? Or maybe your memory extends before the PC era – to the 1970s, when employee trainings were conducted in classrooms with slide projectors and “foils.” Even today’s recent college grads might remember their early elementary school years accompanied by the warm hum of an overhead projector and the smell of expo markers on its transparent slides.


Solution Automates Maintenance for Patient Record Access for Healthcare Staff


TIC Works In NonStop with St. Vincent’s IT: Just What the Doctor Ordered


What is REST Web Services?

Like SOAP, REST is a Web Service, which by definition provides an Application-to-Application interface. So functionally, REST is similar to SOAP in that it enables a Client application to invoke an operation/method in a Server application. 

One of our clients came up with a clever way to get notifications of the
Shadowbase activities from both the Production and DR systems. The result is a daily email in HTML format, with all the information well organized in an easy to understand format. 
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