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We help you evaluate the options, develop a POC and implement a solution.

At TIC we provide more than Tandem programming expertise, we know modern technologies – Windows, Java, Web Service, Cloud (.NET, C#, IIS/ASP.NET, SQL Server, Java, JavaScript, Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure). Our experienced team has completed over 100 successful projects.

Turn key project management





Our Expertise

The addition of TIC Consulting resources can strengthen and enhance what can be accomplished for your company. TIC helps companies address their immediate critical application needs, as well as developing for the future.  Whether it be NonStop, cloud- computing or enterprise solutions, TIC’s consulting team offers best-in-class expertise and services.


  • Full Life-Cycle Development.

  • C, C++, NonStop Java, COBOL, TAL. TACL

  • NS SQL, Enscribe.

  • OSS


  • .NET, C#, VB.NET, IIS/ASP.NET, SQL Server


  • J2EE, Java Web Services

Modernizing User Interface

Modernize your SCOBOL User Interface from green screen to web browser based UI. Open up NonStop to REST and SOAP Web Services access to interoperate with Windows, Java or Cloud applications.

Migrate NonStop programs to new platforms

We can convert SCOBOL and COBOL programs to Java or HTML5 to run off platform. Do you have old custom TAL, C or COBOL programs that need to be supported or replaced? We can help you retire these NonStop programs and replace them with new alternatives.

TIC Software Implementation Services

AutoSYNC and AutoTMF

AutoSYNC provides automatic replication, distribution, and synchronization of your applications environment and non-database files.

AutoTMF adds TMF protection to your application without reprogramming.

TIC Software Services

  • Assist customer to evaluate requirements pertaining to business continuity and data replication

    • Selection of data to be TMF audited and monitored using HPE AutoTMF

    • Selection of files to replicate using HPE AutoSYNC

    • Evaluation of communications requirements (bandwidth, frequency)

    • Evaluate and setup automatic software distribution across customer’s systems

  • AutoTMF software installation and configuration

  • AutoSYNC software installation and configuration (security, ownership, triggers, communications frequency of replication, data recovery)

  • Support Proof Of Concept (POC) and product evaluation

  • Assist in project development and operation management

  • Implementing best practices to optimize performance and manageability

  • Software upgrades and testing

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