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About Us

Why Choose

TIC Software?

Clients First

We always watch out for our clients’ interest as we work as part of the team to deliver a solution that best fits the organization’s needs in the long run. We invest our time in understanding your needs, values and priorities, and work hard to deliver the appropriate services and solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. That’s why many of our clients view us as their Trusted Advisor.

Proven Solutions

We develop quality products or collaborate with first rate partners to deliver proven solutions for our clients. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, and only recommend curated solution to fit our clients requirements and expectations.

Full Services

We add values to our software products or those of our partners by providing a complete suite of services optimized for our clients needs, including POC, training, development and support.

TIC & Partners – NonStop Modernization

TIC Software along with our Technology Partners work closely together to offer software and services designed for legacy application modernization. Our comprehensive family of solutions is designed to address the challenges of keeping NonStop and other legacy systems current with ever-evolving “modernization” technology.

TIC Clients – Using Our Modernization Solutions

We’ve helped hundreds of IT groups at dozens of firms address the challenges, and create and implement the solutions for their legacy application modernization requirements. But you don’t have to take our word for it – our work speaks for itself – and we’re fortunate to have clients willing to speak for and about us!

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