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We also cover interesting topics like IT around the world, advances in AI, and the modern workplace.


TIC Talk 2022, Issue 7

April 2022 (Great Neck, NY)

Spring is here, and so is our latest Newsletter. Learn about our 2 upcoming webinars. A recap of SunTUG 2022 and who won our contest. More info about the next in person event in Virginia, MATUG- Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group. Plus much more!



April 2022 (Great Neck, NY)

A NonStop application that can publish NonStop events and data to Kafka clusters to be picked up by any consuming subscribers on any platforms.


Kafka and HPE NonStop – A Perfect Combo!

March 2022 (Great Neck, NY)

One of the best ways to modernize NonStop is to integrate its applications with other software, platforms and cloud services. This interoperability is extremely important as it will extend the value of the NonStop applications, and underscore the flexibility of the platform in the enterprise. Over the past few years, one of the most popular tools that have been adopted by many corporations is Apache Kafka.

uLinga for Kafka

SunTUG 2022

March 2022 (Great Neck, NY)

SunTUG 2022 has come and gone. The NonStop community had a whole day of NonStop education. We presented products and service solutions available from TIC Software and partners that can integrate NonStop seamlessly with RESTful services, API Gateways, Salesforce, AWS, Azure, Splunk, and Kafka.


TIC Talk 2022, Issue 6

February 2022 (Great Neck, NY)

In this issue you will find info about our involvement in SunTUG 2022 that will take place in March. We also have a blog about the latest buzz in the NonStop world and about our partnership with a certain company down under. Want to know who? Just follow the link. 


TIC Modernization Blog Series: What is an API Gateway

January 2022 (Great Neck, NY)

The term “API Gateway” is starting to create a lot of buzz in the NonStop circle. This first blog provides a quick walk-through of what API Gateway is and its common features and potential benefits.


Check out the first installment of TIC Modernization Blog series on API Gateway by clicking the link.


Closer Look: The Man Behind the Pathway Videos

December 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

In a special blog, the CEO of TIC Software, Phil Ly, takes a little break from writing about NonStop and instead puts the focus on his good friend, Darrel Vandyke who participated in the early development of key TS/MP (Pathway) components.

They touch on how Darrel was introduced to Tandem Computers, how he thinks Training Experience has evolved and where it’s heading, and finally about Darrel’s 2 books, “Fire in the Mind – History of Desktop Computing” and “The Last Breath”.

Phil interviews Darrel intro slide.png

Blog: Top 5 Trends in REST Services - Database Access via RESTful API Using LightWave

September 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

In an enterprise, there are many different data sources that are produced and consumed in many different departments. Instead of being tied to the proprietary access of each database, the use of a web service API will make integration with this myriad of data sources much easier.

This blog discusses the benefits of using REST, and how the LightWave product suite from NuWave enables NonStop applications to take advantage of data access using RESTful API easily and simply. 

NuWave Database Title Graphic-01.png

TIC Talk 2021, Issue 5

December 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

In our final newsletter of the year, we bring you a new NonStop Learning Series. An interview with Darrel VanDyke, the top 5 trends in REST Service, how to modernize your middleware with REST and much more.


New Product Announcement: The Latest Solution in HPE NonStop Integration

October 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

Our partners over at NuWave have announced the release of their newest product, Prizm, the NonStop-based gateway for all API's!

Watch the video and see Casey Krasner and Dave Belliveau go into greater detail about this exciting new product.

Blog: Modernize Your Middleware with REST

September 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

Are you still using old middleware technology like RSC or Picolo to support your mission-critical applications on your NonStop Systems?  If so, it is time for a change!

Surprisingly,  there are still many users using old proprietary technology like RSC or Piccolo for their middleware.  These tools may still be able to perform the basic functions that they were designed for over 20+ years ago...


The Benefits of Migrating to REST from SOAP

August 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

We want to thank everyone who took part of our latest webinar. For those who couldn't attend, we have good news. We are now ready to share the PowerPoint slides, or the videos. Just send us an email with your request and we'll send you either a copy of the slides or a link to watch the videos.

educational webinar logo.png

TIC Talk 2021, Special Edition

August 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

We had a lot of talk about the "TOP – The Versatile GUI Tool for NonStop" webinar. If you couldn't attend, here's a refresher of what you missed and to see for yourself why TOP is such a versatile tool. 


TIC Talk 2021, Issue 4

August 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

This month's edition of TIC Talk is focused on webinars. We have a recap of our latest webinar "The Benefits of Migrating to REST from SOAP." We also put the spotlight on US Foods' Ajay and Kevin and their OZTUG presentation. Finally we provide more details about the upcoming TBC 2021 event.  Get the full details by clicking on the link.


NonStop Application Modernization - US Foods

July 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

Here's the video of US Food's Ajay and Kevin's presentation at this years OZTUG event.


Hope you enjoy it as well as find it educational.

TIC Talk 2021, Issue 3

June 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

TIC Talk's latest newsletter is now available. We recap the last 2 webinars that took place in the last couple of months where we go over TOP and Lightwave.

We also provide info about the upcoming virtual events, like CTUG, OZTUG and TBC 2021. Click the link to read about that and more!


Webinar: TOP – The Versatile GUI Tool for NonStop

May 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

We want to thank everyone who joined and participated in our TOP webinar. If you would like to watch the Webinar again, go to the link below where you'll find all the presentations and more info about TOP.


LightWave and API Strategy on-demand webinar

April 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

If you had attended our TIC User Forum a couple months ago and the webinar we hosted in April, you would have enjoyed some very interesting NonStop User presentations, including the “API Strategy using LightWave” by our client US Foods. Ajay and Ken did an excellent job in presenting their approach and experience in implementing enterprise interoperability utilizing RESTful API.

We have requests from a few users expressing interest to learn more about the LightWave product. So, we want to follow up with this on-demand webinar to do a deeper dive on the LightWave Server and Client to explore:

  • What are the LightWave architecture and components?

  • How does the LightWave achieve its high performance?

  • How easy is it to develop applications using LightWave?

  • How would you get started with REST and LightWave?

Watch LightWave ON-DEMAND VIDEO        


Explore the NuWave samples available on Github.



TIC Talk 2021, Issue 2

April 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

In this issue of TIC Talk, we provide info to our latest webinar "LightWave and API Strategy Webinar." We shared a couple of articles from NuWave and TIC's Phil Ly. We also have a very special corner dedicated to our colleague, Matt Riesz and his award winning orchids and more!