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The Importance of Partnerships in Futureproofing NonStop

October, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Collaborating with partners and clients in the NonStop community has always been at the center of TIC’s mission statement. Given the state of the world, and significant changes to business practices, partnerships have become increasingly essential to NonStop vendors. Partnerships are often driven by personal relationships between company principals or executive team members – and this is certainly the case with many of our collaborations.


Innovate with Urgency — Even When There’s No Crisis

October, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Interesting piece from the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW on the urgency for companies to innovate consistently, not just in the face of adversity or obstacles. Something for us to consider equally in the NonStop community. Let's continue to commit ourselves to futureproofing as a universal goal, regardless of today's challenges. We, at TIC, are ready to collaborate with you and your team to build a tailor-made modernization plan to help your company innovate and evolve!


It's Time to Rethink How You Innovate

September, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

An interesting piece from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business on how companies should consider new ways to innovate in the post-COVID era. Equally important, we should look towards NonStop's future by further modernizing the platform thoughtfully. Taking a page from the Wharton article, this should include: adopting enterprise best practices, investing in new talent, and taking chances with innovative experiments.


What now? Decisive actions to emerge stronger in the next normal

August, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Interesting study by McKinsey on business innovation in the post-COVID era. The notion of acting rather than reacting seems particularly resonant to our NonStop community. Especially now that companies and workplaces have been redefined post pandemic, it's essential that NonStop ACT, and focus on modernization, rather than REACT to the challenges of legacy perception. Let TIC, as your trusted NonStop advisor, help you with your future proofing plan, today!


LightWave Feature Tutorial - Using BLOBs

July, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

NuWave's YouTube clip features CTO Dave Belliveau presenting on the latest features of LightWave ClientTM and LightWave ServerTM. In the video, Dave talks about working with optional elements in both products and discusses BLOB (binary large object) support.

“NonStop Forward, Forward NonStop”

July, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

The pandemic, which we are currently experiencing globally, has created chaos in the business world.  Corporations scramble to deal with an uncertain economic future. Many projects or initiatives have been deferred till later this year, and in some cases, next year, or even indefinitely. 


How to safely run TCP/IP traces on your network CLIM

May, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Sometimes you need to capture the TCP/IP traffic that is passing through a CLIM interface to diagnose session problems and the like. This is relatively easy using the Debian Linux command tcpdump, which you send to the CLIM using the CLIMCMD macro.



July, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Thank you for being part of VIRTU-NUG 2020. To view the replay of every session click on the link below

WEBINAR: How are NonStop Users Benefiting From using REST

May, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Our last webinar was a great success and we want to be sure you'll be able to easily access the information.


NonStop Forward, Forward NonStop

April 1, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Many clients and users at TUG meetings have expressed concerns to me about losing experienced members on their Nonstop team. These team members work in different groups, such as development, support or operations for the NonStop platform.  Their contributions are crucial in the ecosystem of their company’s mission critical applications.  There is great concern in losing that pool of expertise.


Nuwave - New Hotfix Advisory for LightWave ServerTM 

March 25, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

A new product advisory has been published for LightWave ServerTM. To review this advisory and determine if the issue impacts your use of the product, see LightWave Server: API Method Test tool hangs on Internet Explorer 11.

If you have any question about this or any advisory, please email TIC Support


How quickly can you bring up critical reports on your DR system?

March 4, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Most, if not all, of NonStop customers have a DR (Disaster Recovery) system, as well as a plan to ensure business continuity of their mission-critical applications in the event of a disaster. A company’s goal is to be able to resume business operation as quickly as possible with minimum interruption.


LightWave Client Connects NonStop to Financial Services

March 3, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

The use of RESTful APIs opens up a world of possibilities to financial institutions and allows companies to access easily services and exchange customer data. Using lightweight components like REST and JSON significantly reduces the learning curve and enables a quicker time-to-market.


Tool Tip-How to Capture Windows Network Trace using netsh

Jan 21, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Most of you are probably familiar with Wireshark, the free Windows tool used for capturing network traces for offline analysis. It is the same tool that can be used to analyze NonStop CLIM traces, which are in Wireshark .cap file format.  Wireshark is a wonderful tool that is easy to use, but there are times when its use may be limited.

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