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NonStop Application Modernization - US Foods

July 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

Here's the video of US Food's Ajay and Kevin's presentation at this years OZTUG event.


Hope you enjoy it as well as find it educational.

TIC Talk 2021, Issue 3

June 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

TIC Talk's latest newsletter is now available. We recap the last 2 webinars that took place in the last couple of months where we go over TOP and Lightwave.

We also provide info about the upcoming virtual events, like CTUG, OZTUG and TBC 2021. Click the link to read about that and more!


Webinar: TOP – The Versatile GUI Tool for NonStop

May 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

We want to thank everyone who joined and participated in our TOP webinar. If you would like to watch the Webinar again, go to the link below where you'll find all the presentations and more info about TOP.


LightWave and API Strategy on-demand webinar

April 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

If you had attended our TIC User Forum a couple months ago and the webinar we hosted in April, you would have enjoyed some very interesting NonStop User presentations, including the “API Strategy using LightWave” by our client US Foods. Ajay and Ken did an excellent job in presenting their approach and experience in implementing enterprise interoperability utilizing RESTful API.

We have requests from a few users expressing interest to learn more about the LightWave product. So, we want to follow up with this on-demand webinar to do a deeper dive on the LightWave Server and Client to explore:

  • What are the LightWave architecture and components?

  • How does the LightWave achieve its high performance?

  • How easy is it to develop applications using LightWave?

  • How would you get started with REST and LightWave?

Watch LightWave ON-DEMAND VIDEO        


Explore the NuWave samples available on Github.



TIC Talk 2021, Issue 2

April 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

In this issue of TIC Talk, we provide info to our latest webinar "LightWave and API Strategy Webinar." We shared a couple of articles from NuWave and TIC's Phil Ly. We also have a very special corner dedicated to our colleague, Matt Riesz and his award winning orchids and more!


NuWave - The Top 5 Trends in REST Services

March 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

In this Nuwave's article, you’ll take a look at a mixture of both: innovative ways our customers are modernizing and updating their solutions, and emerging trends that possibly will have a play in the NonStop space over time


Modernization: One Small Step for NonStop-Kind

March 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

Contrary to popular myth, modernization doesn’t have to be revolutionary or super technical. Modernization, instead looks at how to improve things to make them practical for the future


TIC NonStop Modernization Forum – “Think Outside the Box”

February 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

Once again we would like to thank everyone involved with our latest User Group Meeting, whether you were a speaker or an attendee, the success of the event was thanks to you!  

To watch a short preview of the presentations and the complete presentation of John Russell's "Converting NonStop data to JSON for AWS reporting" go to our recap page. We're also providing demo opportunities upon request, for more info, click the link.

Zoom_meeting__Feb '21_collage_2.png

TIC Talk 2021, Issue 1

February 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

In our first issue of the year, we talk about the upcoming "Think Outside the Box" Virtual Event. We also provide New LightWave Feature Video Tutorials and share a couple of news articles, to find out more, just click the link.


Managing the Unintended Consequences of Your Innovations

January 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

Thought-provoking article in the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW about weighing innovation and its sometimes unintended business consequences. As a NonStop vendor or customer, how are you planning on innovating in 2021, and how do you plan on protecting against potential derailments? Let us, at TIC Software, connect with you today, and help to build a NonStop future-proofing plan that examines all permutations of innovation.


6 New Year’s Resolutions For Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses At The End Of A Very Tough Year

January 2021 (Great Neck, NY)

What are your company’s 2021 resolutions? An interesting article from FORBES to inspire change for the better for all of our organizations.


We at TIC Software continue to chart a course towards further NonStop innovation and education.


Wishing all of our clients, colleagues, and friends a happy and prosperous new year.




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Thank you for your continued support and business. We look forward to serving you in the upcoming year. Best wishes to you and yours from everyone at TIC Software!


All the best for the New Year!

NonStop Forward, Forward Nonstop: A Call to Action for NonStop’s Future

November 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

In reflecting on this year’s experience, as well as my almost four decades working in the field, I have been giving a lot of thought about the future of NonStop. It is something that many of you have heard me discuss quite often in this column, and  in my users’ group presentation. I know that this is an important topic shared by our NonStop community. 


NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020

November 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Thank you for attending the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020, we look forward to seeing you next year!


User Forum Modernization via Web Services

October 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

The User Group Meeting was a huge success and a major reason was your involvement! Thank you and we look forward to having you join our next Zoom event soon! 


Build Mental Endurance Like a Pro

November 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Interesting article from the NYT on the ways in which professional athletes maintain mental toughness while facing formidable challenges. As part of the NonStop community, how are you finding ways to thrive during this marathon stretch? On a personal level, we, at TIC, are here to support clients and NonStop colleagues alike during these challenging times. Please drop us a line, attend one of our virtual social events, or participate in one of our online learning series to continue to build collaborations and cultivate new connections!


Battling Pandemic Blues: How Managers Can Rally the Troops

November 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Interesting article from the WSJ on managing morale during these strange times. As a NonStop-focused company, employee or manager alike, how are you continuing to inspire and innovate amidst pandemic business challenges? Resist the urge to stay still and look towards the future! Talk with TIC, today, and let us guide you towards your NonStop future proofing plan.


The innovation challenge of Covid-19 frustration

October 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Interesting piece from the business insights website, The Future Shapers, on embracing innovation, despite the many frustrations caused by the current pandemic. Taking a page from this business allegory, it is essential that the NonStop community continues to focus on innovation and modernization, so as to overcome both company and customer challenges equally. 


Let’s make the post-pandemic era a new golden age for invention

October 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Insightful article in this month’s issue of FAST COMPANY on the increasing importance of innovation in advance of client/customer needs. We at TIC believe this business philosophy is essential to future proofing NonStop. We should not wait to innovate reactively based on client challenges, but rather forecast tomorrow’s needs and wants by bringing solutions to the table!  


User Forum Modernization via Web Services

October 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Thank you for being part of our 1st User Group Event! For a more detailed summary of what took place, please click on the link below. You'll find a recap of the event, as well as  a couple of tutorials that goes in more depth about the topics we covered.

The Importance of Partnerships in Futureproofing NonStop

October, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Collaborating with partners and clients in the NonStop community has always been at the center of TIC’s mission statement. Given the state of the world, and significant changes to business practices, partnerships have become increasingly essential to NonStop vendors. Partnerships are often driven by personal relationships between company principals or executive team members – and this is certainly the case with many of our collaborations.


Innovate with Urgency — Even When There’s No Crisis

October, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Interesting piece from the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW on the urgency for companies to innovate consistently, not just in the face of adversity or obstacles. Something for us to consider equally in the NonStop community. Let's continue to commit ourselves to futureproofing as a universal goal, regardless of today's challenges. We, at TIC, are ready to collaborate with you and your team to build a tailor-made modernization plan to help your company innovate and evolve!


It's Time to Rethink How You Innovate

September, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

An interesting piece from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business on how companies should consider new ways to innovate in the post-COVID era. Equally important, we should look towards NonStop's future by further modernizing the platform thoughtfully. Taking a page from the Wharton article, this should include: adopting enterprise best practices, investing in new talent, and taking chances with innovative experiments.


What now? Decisive actions to emerge stronger in the next normal

August, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Interesting study by McKinsey on business innovation in the post-COVID era. The notion of acting rather than reacting seems particularly resonant to our NonStop community. Especially now that companies and workplaces have been redefined post pandemic, it's essential that NonStop ACT, and focus on modernization, rather than REACT to the challenges of legacy perception. Let TIC, as your trusted NonStop advisor, help you with your future proofing plan, today!


LightWave Feature Tutorial - Using BLOBs

July, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

NuWave's YouTube clip features CTO Dave Belliveau presenting on the latest features of LightWave ClientTM and LightWave ServerTM. In the video, Dave talks about working with optional elements in both products and discusses BLOB (binary large object) support.

“NonStop Forward, Forward NonStop”

July, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

The pandemic, which we are currently experiencing globally, has created chaos in the business world.  Corporations scramble to deal with an uncertain economic future. Many projects or initiatives have been deferred till later this year, and in some cases, next year, or even indefinitely. 



July, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Thank you for being part of VIRTU-NUG 2020. To view the replay of every session click on the link below

How to safely run TCP/IP traces on your network CLIM

May, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Sometimes you need to capture the TCP/IP traffic that is passing through a CLIM interface to diagnose session problems and the like. This is relatively easy using the Debian Linux command tcpdump, which you send to the CLIM using the CLIMCMD macro.


WEBINAR: How are NonStop Users Benefiting From using REST

May, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Our last webinar was a great success and we want to be sure you'll be able to easily access the information.


NonStop Forward, Forward NonStop

April 1, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Many clients and users at TUG meetings have expressed concerns to me about losing experienced members on their Nonstop team. These team members work in different groups, such as development, support or operations for the NonStop platform.  Their contributions are crucial in the ecosystem of their company’s mission critical applications.  There is great concern in losing that pool of expertise.


Nuwave - New Hotfix Advisory for LightWave ServerTM 

March 25, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

A new product advisory has been published for LightWave ServerTM. To review this advisory and determine if the issue impacts your use of the product, see LightWave Server: API Method Test tool hangs on Internet Explorer 11.

If you have any question about this or any advisory, please email TIC Support


How quickly can you bring up critical reports on your DR system?

March 4, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Most, if not all, of NonStop customers have a DR (Disaster Recovery) system, as well as a plan to ensure business continuity of their mission-critical applications in the event of a disaster. A company’s goal is to be able to resume business operation as quickly as possible with minimum interruption.


LightWave Client Connects NonStop to Financial Services

March 3, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)
The use of RESTful APIs opens up a world of possibilities to financial institutions and allows companies to access easily services and exchange customer data. Using lightweight components like REST and JSON significantly reduces the learning curve and enables a quicker time-to-market.


Tool Tip-How to Capture Windows Network Trace using netsh

Jan 21, 2020 (Great Neck, NY)

Most of you are probably familiar with Wireshark, the free Windows tool used for capturing network traces for offline analysis. It is the same tool that can be used to analyze NonStop CLIM traces, which are in Wireshark .cap file format.  Wireshark is a wonderful tool that is easy to use, but there are times when its use may be limited.




TIC Tech Team: Luann Riley

Dec 2, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

Luann Riley is a native Ohioan, who holds a degree in Computer Science. She has over twenty-two years of IT experience. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, with whom she enjoys traveling the world every chance she gets.


Millennials and the Modern Worker: What are Companies Doing to Adapt?

October 21, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

This year, like all years before it, the workforce shifted a little more towards modernity in practice and expectation. Another generation of baby boomers and GenX-ers retired, taking with them dusty desk objects and antiquated work schedules, while eager Millennials and Generation Zs arrived to fill their place, smartphones in tow. 


TIC Tech Team: Matt Riesz

September 24, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

Matt recently retired from HPE and is now part of TIC's consulting team. About four years ago he moved from New Jersey to Florida, where he enjoys fishing, growing orchids, and of course working on NonStop systems.


Ascert and TIC Announce Partnership to Bring Enhanced Services to the HP NonStop Community

September 10, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

Ascert and TIC announce a services partnership to bring enhanced customized testing offerings to the NonStop Community. “The formation of this joint venture provides a significant value-added proposition to users of the HPE NonStop platform,” says Rich Greene, Ascert’s Director of Sales & Service for the America’s. “Both companies have decades of experience in the space and are well known for delivering solutions that work extremely well.”


The Evolution of Online Learning, and How it Could Evolve Corporate Culture

August 23, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

Do you remember sitting through training videos or CD-ROM courses at work? Or maybe your memory extends before the PC era – to the 1970s, when employee trainings were conducted in classrooms with slide projectors and “foils.” Even today’s recent college grads might remember their early elementary school years accompanied by the warm hum of an overhead projector and the smell of expo markers on its transparent slides.


Is the traditional office dead? What companies are doing to adapt to the new age of remote workers

August 12, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

The invention of the internet produced many new career paths – of course within IT, but also in the shape of social media “influencers,” professional gamers, and online entrepreneurs. The digital age has also disrupted corporate culture, detaching many business professionals from traditional office environments.


TIC Tech Team: Alan Meyer

August 5, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

Alan Meyer began work with TIC Software in 1990 as a Consultant. He often acted as a project manager, worked on developing custom software for TIC clients, and helped with some of TIC's software products. He retired from TIC in 2015. He recently looked back on Tandem’s unique system capabilities and his favorite career memories in an interview with TIC.


Artificial Intelligence Utilized by a Growing Number of Industries

July 26, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

Have you wondered how Gmail’s automated responses can suggest phrases that are almost identical to what you plan to reply? Or what about the warning that you forgot to attach a document to the email you were about to send? These phenomena are all the result of artificial intelligence (AI) networks combing through yours and other users' emails to “learn” message patterns and make predictions about what you are going to say next.


IT in the Developing World - the Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

July 12, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

Information technology is incredibly important for the modernized world of high-speed communication, instant information, and big data. Not only does IT help businesses and individuals complete everyday tasks with remarkable efficiency, it also has a profound effect on the economy by reducing prices of goods and services, and creating new products that stimulate growth.


Protecting NonStop with the Use of Web Proxy

May 9, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

By using a REST client like LightWave, NonStop applications can take advantage of the many useful REST Web Services on the Internet or Cloud services like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. However, many organizations are concerned about exposing the NonStop to the external world because of security risks. Here is an article from NuWave that explains how risks could be minimized via the use of a Web proxy.


Future-Proofing NonStop – Staying ahead of the curve

February 14, 2019 (Great Neck, NY)

SUNTUG 2019 - TIC Presentation will take place on March 1, 2019 at 3:30pm

The business and technology landscapes continue to change faster and faster.  Failure to explore and adopt new solutions could lead a platform down a path of obsolescence. What are you doing TODAY to ensure that your important NonStop investment will continue to be relevant in the FUTURE?  In this presentation, we will cover some of the important areas that you should pursue NOW to extend and support Nonstop for a relevant future. They include: Interconnect using RESTful API,  Integration with Cloud Computing, and Continuous Operation Support.



TIC AWS Gateway (TAG) connects NonStop to the Amazon Cloud

November 26, 2018 (Great Neck, NY)

Cloud computing has become the new normal as companies of every size have realized its benefits. For most organizations, the question is no longer “if we should?”; it’s “how can we move?” and “when can we expand?” NonStop applications can benefit from cloud expansion and with TAG from TIC and Canam Software. TAG makes connecting your NonStop information to AWS quick and easy.


TIC and NuWave The HPE NonStop Modernization Dream Team

October. 1, 2018 (Great Neck, NY)

TIC Software and NuWave Technologies have been collaborating to deliver high-quality Web services solutions to NonStop clients since the early 2000s. NuWave designs and develops intuitive middleware solutions at a great value, while TIC manages client relationships and provides first-level support.


HPE NonStop Master System Architect Matt Riesz to join TIC Team

July 20, 2018 (Great Neck, NY)

We are pleased to announce the addition of Matt Riesz to our team here at TIC. Matt has over 35 years of Tandem/HPE NonStop experience with a particular focus in analyzing and optimizing system architecture and performance. He will work with TIC clients in an operations support role, analyzing system performance to ascertain where improvements may be made.


Canam Software & TIC – Building Upon a Synergistic Relationship

June 25, 2018 (Great Neck, NY)

How Two Software Firms Help Their Clients, & Each other, Reach New Heights…

In our competitive work environment, it's nice once and a while to see a sense of cooperation and esprit de corps exhibited. Companies in the world of NonStop Modernization, who work towards keeping HPE NonStop systems operating smoothly and integrated with the latest technology, often work together to help clients reach their goals and maintain a competitive edge. Canam Software Labs Inc. and TIC Software have found that by working together, the sum of what they bring to their clients can be greater than its parts.


TIC Announces Next Generation GUI for HPE NonStop

Mar 15, 2018 (Great Neck, NY)

Ongoing Partnership with Comforte brings another NonStop Modernization Solution

Transaction Innovation Corporation (TIC), the leading provider of software solutions and consulting services for HPE NonStop legacy modernization; is pleased to announce the addition of The Operations Pack (TOP) from partner comforte Inc. to the firm’s offerings. TOP is an easy-to-use GUI, designed to “provide intuitive and effective access to all HP Enterprise (HPE) NonStop subsystems and components from a Windows workstation.”