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TIC Announces Next Generation GUI for HPE NonStop

Ongoing Partnership with Comforte brings another NonStop Modernization Solution

Mar 15, 2018 (Great Neck, NY) – Transaction Innovation Corporation (TIC), the leading provider of software solutions and consulting services for HPE NonStop legacy modernization; is pleased to announce the addition of The Operations Pack (TOP) from partner comforte Inc. to the firm’s offerings. TOP is an easy-to-use GUI, designed to “provide intuitive and effective access to all HP Enterprise (HPE) NonStop subsystems and components from a Windows workstation.”

comforte’s TOP is designed to maximize productivity for experienced HPE users, as well as minimize the learning curve for new IT professionals. By leveraging a modern standardized interface, TOP enables greater efficiency through Windows functionality (drag/drop, copy/paste, etc.); as well as minimizing mistakes through fewer syntax errors and less reference to manuals.

“Using TOP any authorized user can operate an HPE NonStop server much more efficiently and with fewer mistakes,” explains Michael Horst, Chief Architect. ”TOP reduces complex tasks to simple point-and-click operations to save time, increase productivity, and reduce the potential for errors. Experienced staff accomplishes much more and inexperienced staff learns more quickly.”

TOP runs on Windows computers, utilizing the robust functionality of that environment giving a modern interface to NonStop system’s operations and staff providing:

  • Reduced System Downtime – improved GUI for optimal productivity for mission-critical applications

  • Quicker Learning Curve – replaces command-line interactions with standard Windows-based drag-and-drop and point-and-click functions

  • Increased Productivity – leverages intuitive GUI for faster performance

  • Greater Self-Sufficiency – easy-to-use interface enables and empowers users

“We are excited to be working with partner comforte to offer TOP to the HPE NonStop community,” enthused Phil Ly, President, TIC Software. “TOP is a streamlined operation tool for the next generation. And I mean that in both the sense of next-generation technology; as well as the next generation of HPE NonStop professionals. This is an offering that will help experienced professionals become even more productive, as well as assisting new staffers to get up-to-speed ever more quickly. As the oft-used adage goes, TOP provides ‘a win-win’ situation.” 


TOP, a NonStop interface for the next generation.  Please contact TIC for more details.

About comforte:

comforte was founded in 1998 by the developers of MR-Win6530, an acknowledged terminal emulation package for HPE NonStop systems. Building on more than 20 years of experience in unlocking more value from systems that never stop, comforte has grown its solutions and evolved into a market leader for data protection, digital enablement, and digital payments an on mission-critical systems. comforte proudly serves over 500 enterprise clients across the globe. For more information, visit:

About Transaction Innovation Corporation (TIC) Software:

Founded in 1983, TIC Software was created to address the challenges of keeping Tandem/HP NonStop legacy systems current with ever-evolving “modernization” technology – providing consulting expertise and software solutions designed to keep mission-critical applications up-and-running. Today, we continue to meet these modernization challenges – as well as offer migration solutions to organizations looking to explore other technological options.

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