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Modernization via Web Services

Thanks for being a part of our User Group Meeting.

Event Information

Day 1

Using REST to Modernize NonStop

An overview of REST and how using it to modernize NonStop opens up new potential solutions and opportunities.


​LightWave's REST product Suite

Meet LightWave's Chief Architect to learn about the latest LightWave REST product advance features.

  • Message Logging

Now you can collect LightWave log messages programmatically to build your own collector or dashboard

  • TLS 1.3 Support

Leverage latest version of security protocol available in LightWave

  • Support for BLOBs (Binary Large Object)

Discover the flexibility of using LightWave to handle binary payloads

  • Option to allow network binding to a specific IP address

Select a specific outbound IP address for LWC connections, when the TCPIP provider is configured with multiple IP addresses. (This is LWC only)

  • Working with Optional Elements

Schema attribute to indicate presence of optional fields. Available since: LWS 1.0.9, LWC 1.1.1 and LWC 1.0.5

  • Working with User Defined APIs

Constant fields my be specified as substitution variables, which allows runtime data such as timestamps to be injected into the IPM

LW new feature roundup.png

Questions & Answers

Learn about REST Use Case and Best practice

Discuss practical use cases with REST and Technical Team in Panel Discussion

  • Promotion from Dev to QA to Production

(Unfortunately we didn't have time to talk about the following, but we'll cover it in our future User Group Event. More info to come)

  • Use Cases

  • Performance

  • Managing Dictionary, API, Swagger

  • Testing

  • Monitoring for errors

  • Troubleshooting

Day 2


LightWave ServerTM and LightWave ClientTM Overview

Phil Ly gives a quick overview of LightWave ServerTM  and LightWave ClientTM


Hear from REST Users how they leverage LightWave

Presented and participated by LightWave End Users

  • How we integrate B24 with REST using LightWave - Gustavo Martinez

  • How to automate LightWave operations using LWSCOM and scripts -  Dale Hiatt

  • Windows Automation Using LightWave Server to interface to TACL - Donald Wickham

Learn more about REST Modernization and other Technical Topics

Explore more technical tips about REST and Web Services (Due to time limitations the following wasn't covered in our User Group Meeting, however, we'll make sure to discuss it in our upcoming event. More info to come.)

  • Useful test tools: SOAPUI, POSTMAN and others

  • Useful websites for validating JSON and Swagger

  • NuWave Sample Applications in Github

  • NuWave YouTube Channel

Meet the Speakers

Phil Ly Virtu_profile.jpg

Phil Ly

TIC Software



Dale Hiatt

US Foods

Lead Analyst Technical Engineering


Gustavo Martinez

Red Link

NonStop Engineering Head


Donald Wickham

TIC Software

Chief Architect


Dave Belliveau

NuWave Technologies

Chief Architect

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