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uLinga For Kafka. A Different Approach

Modernization Through Integration

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed events streaming platform used by many corporations for data integration, streaming analytics, log analysis and other mission critical applications in a high performance and fault-tolerant environment.


Now, with uLinga for Kafka from Infrasoft, a NonStop application can publish NonStop events and data to Kafka clusters to be picked up by any consuming subscribers on any platforms.

uLinga for Kafka is a NonStop based solution and requires no additional software or hardware components.


Kafka provides these functionalities and benefits to its users:

  • Publish and subscribe to data.

  • Store data in the order they were generated efficiently.

  • Real-time / On-the-fly processing of data.

  • Built-in fault tolerance and high performance

Sample NonStop Use Cases:

  • Publish NonStop application logs or system events to Kafka to be real time analysis by off platform tools such as Splunk

  • Push NonStop data changes to other database platforms such as SQL Server or Oracle

  • Asynchronous messaging interface to applications on other platforms such as Windows or Linux

  • Publish NonStop applications or data to stay in sync with Cloud Services

Three Easy Ways to Publish to Kafka
  • Publish an event to Kafka can be done simply by a Pathsend or WRITE using uLinga IPCSERVER.

  • Capture data changes to disk and push data to Kafka easily using uLinga FILEREADER.

  • Route web requests to Kafka easily using uLinga’s HTTP Interface.

Online Configuration

Web browser interface utilising HTML 5 and Web Sockets, with no client software to install.

Online Management

Interactive command line interface, with support for obey/script files.


Built in tracing facility & standard logging support.

Unparalleled Reliability

Support for Kafka Exactly Once Semantics (EOS) along with traditional NonStop fault-tolerance ensures that every transaction is sent to Kafka.


Native Kafka protocol support within uLinga for Kafka allows for highest performance and reliability

Standard APIs

Support for standard APIs and file system: IPC and Pathsend, HTTP, and Enscribe files allow for a range of access methods.

Blog: Kafka and HPE NonStop – A Perfect Combo!

One of the best ways to modernize NonStop is to integrate its applications with other software, platforms and cloud services.  This interoperability is extremely important as it will extend the value of the NonStop applications, and underscore the flexibility of the platform in the enterprise.


Blog: NonStop Integration – LogWatch and uLinga

Integration with Kafka will open NonStop to interoperate with many different platforms and applications.  uLinga for Kafka from Infrasoft provides the perfect mechanism to integrate NonStop applications with Kafka.


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