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A Closer Look: The Man Behind the Pathway Videos

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

In a special blog, the CEO of TIC Software, Phil Ly, takes a little break from writing about NonStop and instead puts the focus on his good friend, Darrel Vandyke who participated in the early development of key TS/MP (Pathway) components. They touch on how Darrel was introduced to Tandem Computers, how he thinks Training Experience has evolved and where it’s heading, and finally about Darrel’s 2 books, “Fire in the Mind – History of Desktop Computing” and “The Last Breath”.

NonStop Learning Series: TS/MP (Pathway) and SCOBOL

The purpose of the following 2 videos:

  • To give people a high-level introduction of Pathway and the architecture of how it works.

  • To communicate and understand Pathway’s technology with the development team.

  • To raise the standards for people that want to understand what Pathway is.

It is not designed as a training video about Pathway, but instead, to appreciate the elegance of the software and how to get applications done. It’s particularly catered to Architects, System Analysts and Designers.

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Darrel has been involved in the computer industry since the early 1970’s, and worked for 35 years with HP. He participated in the early development of key TS/MP (PATHWAY) components, and is recognized as an expert in TS/MP design and implementation. He has assisted companies from all corners of the world with their TS/MP applications. He is an author and currently lectures on history and computer technology through the University of North Texas.


TIC Software, a New York-based company specializing in software and services that integrate NonStop with the latest technologies, including Web Services, .NET and Java. Prior to founding TIC in 1983, Phil worked for Tandem Computer in technical support and software development.




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