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Minimize Application Downtime with LogWatch Monitoring

Updated: Mar 26

LogWatch monitoring

LogWatch enables proactive detection of application errors, allowing for timely resolution and preventing potential crises.

In many NonStop installations, there are robust tools and procedures to monitor events in EMS logs. However, the monitoring of running application health is often overlooked. Applications may log error statuses to a file, but these logs are not regularly reviewed.

Question: When do you look at your application log? Common answer: After a problem has been reported.

Unfortunately, this often translates to a significant delay after the problem has occurred.

How does LogWatch work?

LogWatch allows you to define the files and anomaly conditions you want to monitor in its configuration. Once configured, LogWatch actively monitors and alerts you when it detects an anomaly condition. Alerts can be sent via email, routed to EMS, written to disk, or directed to an external enterprise monitoring system.

LogWatch Chart

Detecting Application Issues

LogWatch can be configured to scan your application log for error patterns, using simple word patterns such as "warning," "error," or "failure." Additionally, LogWatch's REGULAR EXPRESSION feature enables you to define complex rules to monitor and report specific combinations of patterns.

LogWatch actions

Third Party Product Logs

LogWatch is highly effective in monitoring third-party product logs to detect error conditions. It has been proven to work seamlessly with various third-party products, including:

  • TeleMail (TIC)

  • LightWave Server and LightWave Client (NuWave)

  • Shadowbase (Gravic) Use Case Blog

  • SecurDPS and CSL (Comforte)

NuWave logo
comforte logo

TIC Software logo
Gravic logo

If you use any of these products as well as other third-party products, check out how LogWatch can help you monitor their errors.

Detecting Pathway Server Failures

Most Pathway servers are defined with their HOMETERM set as VHS. However, if a server abends, the abend message and trace stack appear on VHS, where nobody may notice for a while. LogWatch can be configured to monitor VHS for server abend messages and automatically send an email notification to SUPPORT or designated recipients about the error instantly.

LogWatch VHS messages

Minimize Downtime – Be Proactive!

Minimize Downtime image

Studies estimate downtime costs at around $9,000 per minute, with larger organizations facing hundreds of thousands per hour. Every minute matters when your application is down. Utilize LogWatch to instantly detect application errors, enabling you to minimize downtime and save significant amounts of money.


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