Connect is bringing the NonStop community to you!

Join Connect and the HPE NonStop partner community for a virtual User Group meeting. Enjoy presentations

from HPE NonStop Division experts, partners, and customers from your home office. Catch up with partner solutions and innovations in the virtual exhibit hall. Win prizes and join in the fun.

Additionally, VIRTU-NUG will be using SLACK as its communication platform. If you’ve never used SLACK, or need a refresher, please check out this link for a quick 101/tutorial.


During the course of the user group meeting, and especially following presentations, TIC, and other HPE partners, will be using our respective company SLACK channels (#partner-tic_software) to broadcast updates, exchange information, and answer any questions that attendees might have.

Series Information:

Hosted by Connect Worldwide, SCTUG and DUST


In case you missed the event, or perhaps you would like to see it again, click the link below.

Uncovering Workload Insights Using NSDA 

Paul Denzinger, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Quick Introduction and Demo of Virtualized NonStop on VMware

Ron Meijer, NonStop Academy


IP CLIM Features at a Glance

Dimitri Paspont, NonStop Academy

Protect your NonStop Applications with Multi factor Authentication

Barry Forbes and Steve Tcherchian, XYPRO

VIRTU-NUG Session 1

Hosted by Connect Worldwide and N2TUG


Week 2 of VIRTU-NUG was a success. If you would like to watch it again, or weren't able to attend click the link below.

Automatic TCP/IP Connection Failover
Ozen Ercevik, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

NonStop Modernization is a Strategic Priority 
Phil Ly, TIC Software

Building a Better Way to Monitor Shadowbase Activity
Tom Schaper, Cass Information Systems

Surviving Uncertain Times
Paden Holenstein, Gravic Shadowbase

In  the past two VIRTU-NUG sessions,  there were two excellent presentations on CLIM by HPE and NonStop Academy.  If you use CLIM, you would also be interested in this blog by Matt Riesz with some very useful tips on how to do CLIM tracing properly.  Enjoy!"


VIRTU-NUG Session 2

VIRTU-NUG Session 3

Hosted by Connect Worldwide, MATUG and NYTUG

Use Case, How Raymond James Financial Integrates with Splunk for Deep Analysis

Srinivas Aathiyan, HPE NonStop and Splunk


Use Case of NuWave Lightwave Server for REST Services Enablement
Insider Technologies’

TANDsoft Introduces Two Blazing Fast Solutions for All HPE NonStop Servers

Jack Di Giacomo, TANDsoft

VIRTU-NUG Session 4

Hosted by Connect Worldwide, MATUG and NYTUG

Automating Database Maintenance

Sheri Radomsky, Accenture

How to Resist Change & Become Irrelevant in 3 Easy Steps

Dr. Richard Greene, Ascert

Data Centric Security with SecurDPS

Ed Adams, comforte

Integrated Manageability with Open Architecture

Prathima Sidda, Idelji

How Real Time Integrity Monitoring and Data Discovery are key to achieving Regulatory Compliance

Sean Bicknell, 4tech Software

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