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  • What is TOP?
    TOP is a easy-to-use GUI-based tool providing intuitive and effective access to all NonStop facilities from a Windows workstation. TOP provides its GUI users greater productivity over using command line-based TACL.
  • What NonStop facilities can I access using TOP?
    Everything! TOP enable you access all the NonStop processes and subsystems via point and click.
  • Who can benefit from using TOP?
    TOP can benefit new NonStop users as well as experienced ones. For new NonStop users - Less training TOP replaces complex command line interactions with recognizable point-and click and drag-and-drop functions. It reduces the amount of training required for a new team member to learn to operate and manage NonStop servers For experienced NonStop users - Quicker access to advanced facilities TOP has built-in short cuts to enable users to get to complex functions more easily, such as viewing a TCP/IP stack’s open sockets, creating a Safeguard audit record, or accessing OSS configurations.
  • How is TOP different from other GUI products?
    TOP is unique because it is specifically designed for Operation Management. Other GUI products are usually built for other purposes. TOP's User Interface is based on Windows standards and enable a user to navigate intuitively through it consistent interface. Other products usually have a non-standard and inconsistent user interface.
  • Is there any auditing function associated with TOP?
    Yes. TOP has a built-in audit function that can capture and record all commands executed through TOP.
  • Can I use TOP with OSS?
    Yes! One of the TOP’s most popular feature is that it provides users point-in-click to OSS files and processes.
  • How is TOP licensed?
    TOP can be licensed on a seat (user) basis or server basis. You can choose either model based on your needs.
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