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Desktop Development for NonStop – Compiling and Debugging

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

In my last blog, Desktop Development for NonStop Example – Using ETK, I included sceenshots of ETK, HP’s Enterprise Toolkit.  I had also mentioned in my first blog on this topic, Desktop Development for NonStop Introduction, how much faster development can be using ETK.  Here is a video clip of compiling a C++ program with with 25 separate source modules.  To demonstrate its speed, this is a full rebuild, recompiling and linking everything.

Now that the program has been compiled and linked, it is ready to move to the NonStop.  From ETK, select the target file and click on Deploy.

To debug the program, using Visual Inspect, from a TACL prompt, enter: RUNV tmaillit.  The RUNV command tells the Inspect to use Visual Inspect.  Here is a video example of using Visual Inspect.

In these three blogs we’ve discussed the benefits and given examples of using desktop cross-compiling using ETK and Visual Inspect.  We are putting together some webinars for more detailed information and I will be giving a talk at the upcoming NonStop Symposium in San Jose, CA.


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Donald Wickham has 31 years experience with Nonstop including 20 years for Tandem, Compaq and HP. He has been with TIC Software for 11 years in the role of Chief Architect.


TIC Software, a New York-based company specializing in software and services that integrate NonStop with the latest technologies, including Web Services, .NET and Java. Prior to founding TIC in 1983, Phil worked for Tandem Computer in technical support and software development.




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