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Proactive Measure to Alert Application Issues

Drivers rely on their dashboard gauges, warning lights and alarms to keep them apprised of any potential issues – so shouldn’t the same theory apply for monitoring your important business applications? Being forewarned at the first sign of trouble puts one in the best position to address the problem before further issues arise. Like this guy who neglected to monitor his dashboard:

It’s important to not only be warned of an application error – but also to be informed as soon as possible so corrective action may be taken in as timely a manner as possible. Paying attention to important information that the applications are writing to the logs is critical.

Delayed detection of a problem frequently results in:

  1. Escalation into an even bigger issue

  2. Harder detection and resolution – (covered tracks – harder to find the root cause)

  3. Productivity decline due to longer down time


LogWatch monitors and analyzes NonStop application logs, and provides reports on findings providing a proactive alert mechanism – for optimal problem solving and production. LogWatch may be configured in a matter of minutes – to centralize log files, look for error conditions, consolidate statistics messages, and more.

LogWatch provides:

  1. Flexibility to monitor one or more OSS or Guardian log files

  2. Simplicity to define one or more error patterns to look for

  3. Immediacy to raise alerts via email,text messages or EMS instantly, as soon as any error pattern is detected in the logs

Here are 3 Steps to ensure your NonStop applications are on track:

  1. Review the possible errors in your application logs as soon as they are reported

  2. Define the actions that need to be taken when they are detected

  3. Configure LogWatch to monitor applications and  alert when issues arise

 Click HERE for more LogWatch Information.

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