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Take AIM – Assess. Innovate. Modernize.


For examples:

  1. You have lots and lots of COBOL programs, but… Do you know what are in your application assets?

  2. You know it is important to protect your “crown jewel platform”, but… How secure is your NonStop environment?

  3. You have a whole team of operators, tech support, system managers, but… How efficient is your operation environment?

Now is a good time to reflect on where we are and to set some goals for improvement.


  1. Mobile Apps Think about your users with iPad and Smartphones

  2. Cloud Computing What SaaS can you leverage?

Now, you may think: “But what does a legacy machine like NonStop have to do with these new technologies?” Think again! In fact, integrating new technologies with Nonstop could present some exciting opportunities and ROI for your organization.


While you look for new technologies to jump into, don’t forget all the valuable application assets you already have on your NonStop system. Make 2013 be the year to start your modernization initiative to make these NonStop assets even more valuable. Commit to starting one (or more) of these following projects:

  1. Build a better GUI with Java or .NET

  2. Improve your database and application connectivity

  3. Adopt modern development methodology and tools

Need help getting started? Look for more discussions on these topics in our upcoming blogs, with tutorials, examples and success stories. We hope that you will follow these discussions, and we would love to hear about your experience as well.

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TIC Software, a New York-based company specializing in software and services that integrate NonStop with the latest technologies, including Web Services, .NET and Java. Prior to founding TIC in 1983, Phil worked for Tandem Computer in technical support and software development.

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