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TIC Works In NonStop with St. Vincent’s IT: Just What the Doctor Ordered


St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT opened its doors in June of 1905 and has been serving the community ever since. Eventually the organization outgrew its capacity, so in 1976 an expanded medical center was dedicated as a result of the organization's growth of both its facility and comprehensive medical service offerings.

Today, affiliated with two medical schools - Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and New York Medical College - St. Vincent's participates in international research programs and has earned national health care commendations and awards. It is therefore, mission critical that the medical center researches and implements industry-leading IT systems.

The facility maintains its vast amounts of clinical and financial data on a Tandem (now HP NonStop) mainframe system using Carecast from GE, an integrated clinical and financial software package, and REPORT.Web from Transaction Innovation Corporation (TIC), a report generation/access solution running on a networked Windows server.

Natalie DeVellis and Jack Sciongay are the Coordinator of the Revenue System and Tandem System Administrator respectively for St. Vincent's. It is Natalie's job to ensure operating system continuity, and research and select reporting solutions, while Jack is charged with maintaining the technical aspects of the mainframe system.

"The IDX Carecast clinical and financial software provides a system for inputting our AR, pharmacy and radiology information into the Tandem, enhancing workflow," explained DeVellis. "The problem we needed to address was easily accessing and archiving both financial and medical data from the mainframe. REPORT.Web from TIC is just the solution we were looking for."

For St. Vincent's, REPORT.Web receives GE data stored on the mainframe and sent via Tandem reports, and automates both the formatting and delivery of this information to a Windows server for easy Web access by end-users. Compiled reports may be emailed to users' PCs or accessed remotely via Web browser from virtually anywhere. St. Vincent's has approximately 100 staffers using REPORT.Web to create dozens of different clinical and accounting reports on an ongoing basis.

"Having to re-run the same reports was an issue we needed TIC to solve," continued DeVellis. "The REPORT.Web system enables us to create a data warehouse - an archived report repository - on a Windows server. So now users can easily access what they need. Our CFO and CEO especially appreciate the remote access - they go online and instantly retrieve up-to-date information at the touch of a button."

The 235 off-site physicians and their staffs that are affiliated with St. Vincent's Medical Center have also used REPORT.Web's remote access functionality extensively. Clinical information including lab and radiology results may now be quickly and easily accessed for patient review and diagnosis.

"St. Vincent's is always looking to new ideas for better patient care through technology," stated Sciongay. "With the TIC solution, we've found a better way to streamline our information flow to better serve our staff, affiliated doctors and ultimately our patients, while also saving time and money. It's a win-win for everyone."

About St. Vincent's Medical Center:
Serving southwestern Connecticut and Fairfield County, St. Vincent's Medical Center is a modern, acute care facility offering more than 50 specialty and subspecialty medical and surgical disciplines. St. Vincent's is licensed for 397 beds, has some 450 physicians on its active medical staff, and employs more than 1800 people. The Medical Center is the flagship organization in the St. Vincent's Health Services system with comprehensive offerings in medicine and surgery.

About TIC Software:
TIC Software has been providing solutions for the HP NonStop platform since 1983 – predominantly in the banking, financial services and health care markets. The firm’s dedication to creating innovative solutions and providing responsive services has enabled its clients to best leverage modern technology and optimize productivity.

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