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TBC 2023 – A New Perspective

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The TBC 2023 registration list initially seemed discouraging from a numerical standpoint, with only about 25% being customer attendees and the remainder being HPE and partners. However, the event exceeded our expectations, offering us a fresh perspective on TBC. Let's review the new "C's".

“C” is for Connections
The number of customers may not be huge at TBC, but we were able to spend quality time with many of them. We had the opportunity to engage meaningfully with our friends from Raymond James, USDA, Pulse, Dell, JPM Chase, US Foods,


CR Laurence, Bank of America, Synchrony Financial, Worldline, as well as colleagues from HPE and partners. This in-person interaction was truly invaluable, emphasizing that despite the convenience of virtual communication tools like Zoom, nothing can replace the depth of connection achieved through face-to-face encounters. We are grateful for this opportunity.

“C” is for Collaboration


In 2019, TIC introduced the term "Future Proofing NonStop" as a significant topic of discussion. Since then, it has become a focal point in other numerous presentations and discussions.

To that point, here are some questions we share with clients in our “TIC Modernization Workshop”:

  • How can we integrate modern technologies with NonStop?

  • How do we build a knowledge base from the soon-to-retire NonStop team?

  • How do we train new younger staff to learn NonStop?

  • How do we engage the company's new leadership to recognize the value of the NonStop?

During TBC, TIC engaged with users, HPE, and third-party vendors to discuss these important questions, and had valuable discussions and feedback. We firmly believe that no single entity can solve these challenges; it necessitates collaboration among all stakeholders. We advocate for collaboration and are encouraged by third party vendor initiatives such as the Global NonStop Alliance (GNSA) by CSP, MOU program by NTI, and NonStop Studio by Idelji. We enthusiastically participate in these initiatives, foreseeing more collaborative efforts on the path to future-proofing NonStop.

“C” is for Caring


TBC 2023 wasn't just about business networking; it encompassed meaningful events that highlighted our sense of community and care. The impressive turnout for the Connect Scholarship and NuWave's 5K fund drives served as a reminder of our collective care and concern. Kudos to Connect and NuWave for bringing such important causes to the event.


In summary, TBC 2023 was a fulfilling event for us. As illustrated, it transcended the typical sales and technical focus. To us, NonStopTBC also stands for "Nonstop: The Best Community." 


We look forward to connecting with everyone again at the 2024 TBC in Monterey!


About Transaction Innovation Corporation (TIC) Software:

Founded in 1983, TIC Software was created to address the challenges of keeping Tandem/HP NonStop legacy systems current with ever-evolving “modernization” technology – providing consulting expertise and software solutions designed to keep mission-critical applications up-and-running. Today, we continue to meet these modernization challenges – as well as offer migration solutions to organizations looking to explore other technological options.

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