Thunder Suite FAQ

What does Thunder Suite do?

Thunder Suite enables COBOL, C and Java programs to easily work with XML and JSON data. It does this by generating program source code for parsing and creating XML and JSON.

How does Thunder Suite work?

The Thunder Suite toolset runs on your Windows workstation. A developer uses the toolset to create a Handler Design that defines a mapping between program fields and XML/JSON values. From the Handler Design, COBOL, C or Java code is generated and then ported to the NonStop where it is compiled for use in new or existing programs.

What is needed to create the Handler Design with the mapping between program fields and XML/JSON values?

  • A developer can start with one of the following to define the XML/JSON layout:
  1. A schema
  2. A sample message
  3. A WSDL
  4. A Swagger file
  5. Program fields (Thunder can derive the XML/JSON layout from program fields)
  • A developer can start with one of the following to define the program fields:
  1. A copybook or header file
  2. XML/JSON (Thunder can derive the program fields from an XML/JSON layout)

What do I need to install or configure in order to use the generated code?

There are no runtimes or configuration required by the generated code. A developer compiles and implements the Thunder code the same way they do with code that they have developed themselves.

Is there a limit to the size of XML/JSON messages that Thunder Suite can support?

No. The Thunder generated code can support XML/JSON messages of any size. Unbounded repeating structures (which can repeat an unlimited number of times) are supported.

Can Thunder Suite convert an XML or JSON schema to a COBOL copybook?

Yes. Thunder Suite can determine the COBOL, C or Java structure required to support an XML or JSON message that conforms to a specified schema. In addition to schemas, Thunder can also do this for WSDL’s, Swagger files and sample XML/JSON messages.

Does the Thunder Suite code run on Guardian?

Yes. Thunder generates ANSI standard COBOL and C code that runs on Guardian.