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Reporting with Report.Web

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Better Business Intelligence & Reporting with Report.Web

One of the challenges organizations face today is capitalizing on the sheer volume of information available and how to best leverage what’s pertinent to help make optimal business decisions. Company databases are filled with a variety of information about clients, prospects, revenues, costs and market trends – but often this data isn’t used to its fullest potential – and one of the firm’s biggest assets isn’t exercised to help the organization grow and prosper.

The vast amounts of raw data collected and stored in a firm’s data repository can be daunting – and attempting to gather this information into an organized report that may be distributed across the enterprise can seem like a Herculean task – especially when dealing with multiple computer architectures. What is needed is a solution that speaks to the many computing environments found in business today for data access and compilation, and then provides a universally readable reporting format via Web-based distribution; in other words Report.Web.

Report.Web is an automated Web-based solution for the secure collection, conversion and distribution of mission-critical business information from the Internet or via an organization’s Intranet. Report.Web functions as a central repository, gathering and compiling data from disparate sources, and publishing and delivering timely reports automatically. Implementation requires no programming, and ensures reports are generated and delivered on time. Data may be compiled from diverse computer architectures including HP NonStop Servers, Windows, UNIX and legacy applications, and may be formatted into a wide variety of distribution programs such as MS Excel, Adobe PDF, XML, database tables and more.

Report.Web provides timely, secure access to information with email notification of report availability. Searching for information via hard copy files or printed reports becomes a thing of the past – eliminating manually looking up information – a time-consuming task. The automatic data collection, conversion and distribution properties of Report.Web provide a company’s executives with mission-critical business information at their fingertips; to make quicker and more informed decisions and – most important of all – help the bottom line.


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