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SOAP/AM Server Utility – SDF Tool

If you are a SOAPam Server user, then you know how easy it is to create a web service using the SOAPam Control Panel in a matter of minutes.

SOAam Server stores information about the web services in Service Definition Files (SDF) within its Virtual File System (VFS), which can be viewed easily from a web browser.  Once a service is created,the SDF file can be modified by moving it to the desktop. After the needed change is made to the SDF, it can then be saved back to the VFS.

This process is pretty straightforward and can be done very quickly when you need to work on one or two SDF’s occasionally. But there may be times when you need to make changes to a large number of SDF’s. One common example is when you want to move (promote) the service definitions from the QA environment to the Production environment. Let’s say: you have just finished testing the web services in QA, and now you need to move all the SDF’s to Production. Sometimes, you may even need to change some environmental parameters, such as: the Pathmon name in Production may be different from the one in QA. What is the best way to accomplish that?

To address that need,TIC Software has developed SDFTool, to simplify several of these operations.  SDFTool can be used to

  1. View the contents of an SDF file.

  2. Modify the pathmon information for a service.

  3. Copy a service from one SOAPam Server instance to another, optionally changing the pathmon information.

By using SDFTool, you can operate on a large number of SDF’s very quickly.

Here is a short video to demonstrate how SDFTool works.

In summary, SDFTool facilitates your job of moving SDF’s from one SOAPam Server environment to another. It is another nice feature that makes SOAP/AM the most user-friendly web service product on NonStop.

If you are interested in getting a copy of SDFTool, please send your request by emailing us to TIC Support

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