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SOAP/AM and Thunder Suite: What’s the difference?

Updated: Mar 26

More than once, users have asked me these two interesting questions about our software products SOAPam and Thunder Suite. I hope that this blog will help answer these questions:

“Can I use SOAP/AM to do XML Parsing?”

SOAP/AM Server is used for exposing Pathway Server as Web Services. That means external application such as .NET or Java can interface to those Pathway Servers easily by invoking them as Web Services.

SOAPam provides all the key components of the web service architecture outlined below.

In the web service architecture, the SOAP and web service request/responses are in XML format. SOAPam has a built-in XML parser specifically to handle them, converting them between XML and the Pathway internal format. This parser is not designed to be used externally, e.g. by a COBOL program that needs to handle XML documents.

So the answer is: No.  You don’t use SOAPam to parse XML documents. Instead, you would use Thunder Suite for that purpose.

“Can I use Thunder Suite for SOAP applications?”

Thunder Suite facilitates application development for handling XML documents by automatically creating XML generation and parsing code that are callable. Thunder Suite supports COBOL and C code for NonStop, Windows, Unisys and IBM.

Yes, Thunder Suite can generate and handle the SOAP XML message format. However…when people talk about “SOAP applications,” they actually mean “Web Services SOAP application”, not just the SOAP messages. If that is the case, Thunder Suite does not have the required HTTP Transport that’s required for Web Services.

If you need Web Service support for NonStop, SOAPam is the right product for you.


  • If you need web service on NonStop, SOAPam is the answer.

  • If you want your NonStop COBOL or C programs to handle XML documents, Thunder Suite can do all that for you.

  • And if you are exchanging XML documents using Web Service, then you would want to use both SOAPam and Thunder Suite.

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Phil Ly is the president of TIC Software, a leading provider of software and services for the NonStop community focused on NonStop application modernization. Under Phil's guidance, TIC Software has a proven track record of helping clients seamlessly integrate NonStop with next-generation technologies. A recognized technical leader, Phil is passionate about empowering organizations to unlock the full potential and longevity of their NonStop platform through innovative solutions.




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